Decades of knowledge enable us to be one step ahead towards the future of the textile industry


Who We Are

A dream doesn’t become a reality through magic. It takes sweat, determination, and hard work.

Expotêxtil was founded in 1990. Throughout this more than 30 years, we have acquire vast experience and know-how that enable us to offer our customers a better service with more quality. 

Expotêxtil focus is always in the product and in it’s position in the market having in consideration the trends and competitively. When we start, patterns were made in carton and prices were calculated with a pen and a paper.

Communication was made by fax or telex with images in black and white. All this has changed.

What We Do

Expotêxtil produces top-quality apparel mainly in circular knits for women, men, and children. 

We are equipped with edge point technology that enables us to produce high-quality garments that meet our customers’ expectations. 

We have a vast production capacity and lead times that allow our clients to have their goods in a very short period of time. 

We combine quality with fast delivery and proficiency in customer service and support. We aim to excel in our field of action and we do all that is necessary to achieve this goal.

How We Do It

Expotêxtil has always been a dynamic company, eager to know more, improve, and be stronger.

We were always motivated to go further, learn more, and make it better throughout the years. We never stopped, we always kept on moving. We looked for innovation, new technics, new materials, new ways of producing more, better and cleaner, and delivering more than expected.

The Future

We don’t inherit the earth from our fathers, we borrow it from our children

Fifty years ago, no one believed that the world would change so much and so fast. We are now living and experiencing so many changes on our planet that we thought would never happen in our lifetime. 

Everything is happening so fast that we live the past, the present, and the future in a fraction of a second. 

For those who always denied the climate change, the exhaustion of the soils, the pollution caused by the massive industry, the shreds of evidence are all here and we see them every day; 

The Earth is dying and, unfortunately, in some situations, we may have already be far beyond the point of no return.