The Company

Expotêxtil was founded in 1990. Throughout this more than 30 years, we have acquire vast experience and know-how that enable us to offer our customers a better service with more quality.

Expotêxtil focus is always in the product and in it’s position in the market having in consideration the trends and competitively. When we start, patterns were made in carton and prices were calculated with a pen and a paper.

Communication was made by fax or telex with images in black and white. All this has changed.

“It’s a new era in Fashion – there are no rules. It’s all about the individual and personal style , wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers all together.”

Alexander McQueen

We are always motivated to go further improving constantly. We look for innovation, new technics, new materials, new ways of producing more, better and cleaner. 

Our products are produced in a responsible social and eco-friendly environment because, although we live in the present, we always think and are concerned about the future.

We want to make a difference in this globalized world. We don’t live in a comfort zone, it is not challenging enough. That is why we fight everyday to make it work and always do it something better.

A dream doesn’t become a reality through magic. It takes sweat, determination, and hard work.