Expotêxtil produces top-quality apparel mainly in circular knits for women, men, and children. 

We are equipped with edge point technology that enables us to produce high-quality garments that meet our customers expectations. 

We have a vast production capacity and lead times that allow our clients to have their goods in a very short period of time. 

We combine quality with fast delivery and proficiency in customer service and support. We aim to excel in our field of action and we do all that is necessary to achieve this goal.

Quality is when the customer returns and the product does not.

Developments are paramount in the whole process of producing collections and orders. 

For this reason, we adapted ourselves to be fast and precise at this first stage. This will enable us to accelerate the process and prevent any doubts and mistakes from the very beginning. 

There is constant and fluid communication between customers and us to better understand the concept of the product, its purpose, and customer needs. 

Focusing on this stage allows us to have fewer problems when a prototype becomes an order because we have studied the product early. This way, production will flow much better, saving time and problems for both sides.